Have you ever noticed that someone you love is asking you to repeat something you've said? What about asking you to repeat it more than once? Naturally, you would be concerned if this was something that you noticed – it could mean that your loved one is dealing with some hearing loss.

The trouble is in convincing them to have a hearing test with an audiologist, and while it may be obvious to you that there is a little something going on, it may not be obvious to them. Unfortunately, there is plenty of research to show that without the proper support, more people than ever will not get the right help for their hearing ability without a little push.

This is where you have to tread a little water. Approaching this topic with a loved one isn't easy at all, especially if you know that they will feel defensive over it. They may feel that they are doing just fine without any hearing aids, but you can see the red flags that they cannot see. The person experiencing hearing loss is going to find it hard to be in loud environments and they will struggle in social situations.

They'll also find it much harder to enjoy conversations or their favorite TV show. Convincing your loved one to see an audiologist for a hearing test is not going to be easy, but that doesn't mean that it cannot be done. When hearing loss goes untreated, there is an increased chance of dementia, cognitive decline and in some cases physical injury.

If your loved one can't hear things coming, how can they avoid them? With this in mind, here are some of the things that you can do to convince your loved one to get their hearing checked.


You and your other relatives could approach the topic together. When you're not in it alone, you're going to have more of an impact and you can get through to your loved one. Together, you will all have noticed that you can have more of an effect together, especially if you've noticed all of the cues that there is a hearing issue.

You can offer to go with your loved one as a team and all get your hearing tested, especially if they don't believe you that there is a problem! There are some situations in your life where you may need hearing protection and a hearing test with an audiologist will help to determine if that's the case. Early screenings are good for you, and your loved one will feel at ease about going.

Present research

If you want to be able to explain that you think that there is a problem, come armed with research. Don't attack your loved one with information, but do approach the things that you've noticed and show what you know could be a result of not getting their hearing checked. Over 90% of people with hearing aids end up glad they did it, but explaining that it's okay to have hearing aids and that there is nothing to be ashamed of is important as a first step.

You can talk about the new hearing aid technology to let them know that there are more than the old and bulky contraptions that used to be the pinnacle of hearing technology. The best thing that you could do is bring research to explain how hearing loss is affecting their everyday life, and how they could get the right help to make a big difference to it!

Keep emotions in check

It's not easy to tell someone you love that you think that they are experiencing hearing loss. It's also hard not to get frustrated when you are explaining that they need some help but they don't believe you! It's important that you make this about them and not you – leave your emotions out of the equation here and don't vent all of your feelings about their hearing loss at them.

This is going to be difficult enough for them to hear from you. Talking about how problematic their hearing loss is for you will be shocking and it's not the place to do it – they may not even realize that they have lost their hearing in the first place!

The important thing is that they need to get some help and you can help them to do it. Hearing loss could be caused by a number of illnesses, diseases, declines and even age. So, approach this with care and love and don't rush into it. Give Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids a call to book a hearing test with an audiologist. Call us today at (605) 610-3466 now for more information!