Hearing Tests

Your journey to improved hearing starts with a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation. If you suspect you have hearing loss, schedule an appointment with Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids. You’ll get a thorough evaluation that’s noninvasive and painless. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to perform diagnostic hearing evaluations, live speech mapping and industrial hearing screening.

Diagnostic hearing evaluation

Your diagnostic hearing evaluation begins with a discussion of your medical history, exposure to loud noise and concerns you or loved ones have about your ability to hear. A review of all medications and supplements is included as part of the preliminary evaluation. It’s a good idea to prepare for your appointment by gathering this information and arranging for a trusted family member or friend to come with you.

Hearing tests will be performed with state of the art equipment to evaluate your ability to hear. These tests are painless.

Evaluating your results

At the conclusion of the tests, you’ll get a complete and thorough explanation of the findings. You’ll learn what sounds you can hear and what sounds you are missing. Not all hearing loss can be corrected with hearing aids and some require medical or surgical intervention. If hearing aids are the proper treatment for you, our audiologists will explain the different options and recommend the style of hearing aid that’s perfect for your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. Together, you’ll decide what functions and accessories work best for you. If your hearing aids require an earmold, the impression will be made, and your hearing aids ordered from the factory. You’ll return for a fitting appointment.

Live speech mapping

In the past, most fitting appointments focused on the fit and comfort of the earmold and verification of the hearing aid program. With modern technology such as live speech mapping, hearing aids can be fine-tuned to help you recognize the most important sound of all – human speech. With this process, you’ll bring along a friend or family member to help you determine how well the hearing aids help you understand live speech. Small microphones are placed in the ear canal to determine how you hear speech through your hearing aids. This process improves the chances that when you leave, your hearing aids will be perfectly adjusted on the first try. Live speech mapping improves your confidence in wearing your new hearing aids and decreases the adjustment period.

Industrial hearing testing

If your OSHA-regulated work environment requires a formal hearing conservation program, Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids can help. We are prepared to help you meet regulatory requirements by:

  • Conducting hearing evaluations
  • Maintaining records
  • Ensuring compliance with safety standards

You run your business while we make sure you meet safety goals. Our Occupational Hearing Conservationists are certified by the Council of Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation and perform on-site hearing evaluations and employee training.