Hearing Aid Batteries

You will always find a fresh supply of replaceable and rechargeable batteries at Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids. We keep the most popular sizes in stock. Stop in and stock up.  We carry:

  • 10 Yellow
  • 312 Brown
  • 13 Orange
  • 675 Blue

Make sure you keep plenty of batteries on hand, so your hearing aids always work at optimal power. Did you know that many common hearing aid problems are solved with fresh batteries?

Signs you should change your hearing aid batteries

Hearing aids require batteries to keep them powered. You may need to change your batteries if you notice the following signs:

  • Is the volume difficult to control? Does it seem like you must turn the volume up over and over again?
  • Are sounds distorted?
  • Does your hearing aid refuse to turn on?

These are all signs your hearing aids need new batteries. Don’t wait until your batteries are dead. Change hearing aid batteries frequently. Remember, the smaller the hearing aid, the smaller the battery and the more frequently it must be changed.

Getting the most from your hearing aid batteries

Your hearing aids are powered with zinc air batteries. These batteries must be exposed to air to power your hearing aids properly. When you replace batteries, remove the tab and leave your hearing aid door open for five minutes. This extra exposure to air ensures you get maximum life from your batteries.

When you aren’t wearing your hearing aids, store them with the battery door open. This gives your batteries extra exposure to air and lengthens their life.

Never remove the tab until you are ready to put the battery in the hearing aid.
Store hearing aid batteries separately. Even if the tab is on the battery, touching metal such as keys, coins or other batteries will cause the batteries to discharge some of their power.

Rechargeable hearing aid batteries

If problems with vision or dexterity make it difficult to change batteries frequently, or you don’t have time to hassle with batteries, hearing aids with rechargeable batteries might be the best option for you. Many of the popular brands such as ReSound, Starkey, Unitron and Widex offer hearing aid styles with rechargeable batteries. Just recharge at night and your hearing aids are ready when you are in the morning. Talk to your Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids audiologist about hearing aids with rechargeable batteries.