As with any piece of digital equipment, there is no such thing as perfect. Hearing aids are also not perfect and they have a tendency to break, to stop working, and sometimes to start emitting a high pitched beeping from time to time. You could have paid close to attention to what your audiologist said about changing the battery or cleaning the hearing aid, but that doesn't mean that you will always get it right.

There is also every chance that the hearing aids that you were given were not the high-quality ones that you expected – and they were a dud! Sometimes, hearing aids fail and when this happens, you're likely to become frustrated by it. And we don't blame you!

You choose hearing aids at a good price because they've been recommended to you as a way to enhance your hearing. The worst thing that could happen here is if they stop working the way that they're supposed to, but it's more than annoying to have a beeping sound come from your hearing aids when all you're trying to get through your day! If you do notice an intermittent or even a persistent beep coming from your hearing aids, you can speak to your audiologist about this and they should be able to either repair them or point you in the right direction to getting your hearing aids fixed.

Fixing the beep

In the first instance, checking your hearing aids for loose connections and broken wires is what you should be doing. After this, solving the sounds according to the problem is important and as beeping in your hearing aids can mean a variety of things, you need to work out the cause before you can come up with a fix.

The battery could be low, or the hearing aid program has changed without you realizing. Either way, understanding why your hearing aids are beeping is important and your audiologist will be able to help you here. The beeping is going to irritate you and there is no point in continuing to wear devices designed to help you to hear better if all you're going to hear is a prolonged or annoying bleep!

Reasons your hearing aids are beeping

There are plenty of reasons your hearing aids could be beeping, and it's vital that you understand all of these reasons if you want to get to the bottom of the problem and fix it. So, why are your hearing aids continuously beeping?

Lost connection

There is every chance that you have lost your connection with the hearing aid partner, and there is also the chance that your battery connection is lost. Accidentally knocking the settings on the side of your hearing aid is going to loosen the wires and lose your connection, too, and so you should check this before anything else.

Low battery

Sometimes, machines beep when they are warning you of an issue and a common one is the hearing aid battery being low. Hearing aids can beep due to low batteries and if this is happening to yours, replacing or changing the battery will stop it from happening going forward.

Changing the program

The hearing aid you are wearing is correctly programmed as you need it to be, and when your hearing aids are accidentally changed, you can hear a beep. When you change the program back to what it should be, the beeping will stop and you will be more comfortable.


If there is an element of your hearing aid that has been damaged, you need to speak to your audiologist about where you go from here to get it fixed. Damaged modules will set off beeping in your hearing aid and you can reverse the damage with a little help!

How to avoid the beeping

Ideally, you want to avoid any beeping happening at all in your hearing aids. Your ability to hear is important and it's also vital that you are able to do this without any interference. If you want to avoid your hearing aids beeping at all, you should speak to your audiologist.

They will be able to determine whether your hearing aid is malfunctioning or not. You can check your user manual, too, to know whether there are any buttons you should be pressing to get it back to its best. Turning down the volume can also help! You should call Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids today at (605) 610-3466 to know whether your hearing aids need a little extra help!