Hearing aids are commonly used to assist people who experience hearing loss. If you’ve noticed that your hearing has deteriorated in recent weeks or months, it’s advisable to see an audiologist. When you have a consultation, your audiologist will conduct some hearing tests and may recommend that you start wearing hearing aids. There are various types of hearing aid available, and modern devices often boast an impressive range of features. If you’re considering your options, here are some features you may wish to think about.

Noise and feedback reduction

When you start wearing hearing aids, you should notice that your hearing is a lot clearer than it was previously. Hearing aids are designed to amplify sound, but they also contain components and utilize technology to filter out and focus on certain sounds and noises and reduce background noise. Noise reduction helps to clarify the sounds that are most relevant, and feedback cancellation prevents you from hearing whistling and buzzing noises. Advanced hearing aids may feature adaptive feedback cancellation, which enables the hearing aid to adjust to different environments, for example, when you’re listening to music or talking on the phone.

Programs and memory settings

On any given day, you may encounter a series of different environments. This presents a challenge if you’re forced to adjust your hearing aids for every setting. Thankfully, modern hearing aids boast programs and memory settings, which are designed to make life easier when you move from one environment to the next. You may find that you have one program for work and one for your commute, for example. In some cases, hearing aids will adjust to the environment automatically. The aim is to ensure that you can hear as well as possible, regardless of your location.

Telephone capabilities

For many people who require hearing aids, using the telephone can be a daunting experience. Even if you have good hearing, telephone conversations can be a lot harder to follow than face-to-face chats. If you find it difficult to engage in conversations on the telephone, it may be beneficial to choose hearing aids that have features that are designed to help you hear better when using the phone. Some hearing aids have an electromagnetic induction coil, while others have a sensor that detects when you’re speaking on the phone and automatically alters the program.

Remote control

You may find that your hearing aids adjust automatically, but sometimes, it’s also helpful to be able to alter the settings manually. A remote control enables you to program your hearing aids without actually touching or removing them. Today, many hearing aids have wireless or Bluetooth capabilities, which also give you the option to connect your hearing aids with your smartphone.

If you’re mulling over your options in terms of new hearing aids, it’s wise to consider the features that are available. Hearing aid technology is advancing all the time, and you can customize your devices and take advantage of innovative features to ensure your hearing aids adjust to your lifestyle and deliver the best results possible.