Given the importance of healthy hearing, a quality audiologist could be one of the most important healthcare specialists you’ll ever meet. After all, when your hearing and general ear health are in great condition, it establishes the foundations of a happier life.

The audiologist can support you through a whole host of different ear-related issues, here are the four most common conditions that they treat.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss affects more than 48 million Americans, making it one of the most common health issues. This frequency, coupled with the fact that it’s hard for other people to spot hearing loss without conducting examinations, is why hearing loss is the most commonly treated condition.

The audiologist can use a range of hearing tests and physical examinations to determine the severity and type of hearing loss. From there, finding the right treatment should be an easy task. This could range from hearing aids to exercises and medication and can treat mild to profound hearing loss.


Tinnitus is another very common health concern that affects millions of people. This is where you hear sounds even when there is no external source. The sounds may impact one ear or both while they can be continued or intermittently. Buzzing, whistling, and whirling are all common.

The audiologist can use various tests to help determine the symptoms as well as the underlying issues, even when your tinnitus is subjective. Treatments include sound therapy, hearing aids, and a range of cognitive behavioral therapies. Reducing the impact on your life has never been easier.

Wax removal

While a little ear wax is natural and good for your general hearing health. Nonetheless, an excessive buildup can cause several problems including discomfort and temporary hearing loss. The blockages need to be treated ASAP or else the problems may escalate into something worse.

The audiologist can inspect the ear with an otoscope to see whether the wax is deemed excessive. If so, it can be treated with irrigation and medication. While this can be done at home, it’s important to avoid self-treatments when you have an infection. For this reason, visiting an audiologist is best.

Balance issues

Your ears are delicate but powerful, and are used for far more than just hearing. They play a central role in your overall balance. So, if you’ve encounter vertigo or any similar issues, it’s very possible that the source of your problems is in the ears. Suffering in silence is never an option.

The audiologist can test for balance issues and discuss the different treatments available. This may be as simple as controlling air pressure with hearing aids or could include implants or surgery. Either way, the audiologist has your best interests in mind and will find the right answer.

An audiologist can treat a range of hearing health problems. So, if you’ve noticed any of the above conditions – or indeed any other issue that can be linked to your ears – booking an appointment at the earliest possible stage is advised.