If you have recently experienced hearing loss, then you have probably already made an appointment with an audiologist. If they find evidence of hearing loss, they will recommend the best treatment option available for you. This will typically come in the form of hearing aids. Hearing aids allow you to hear clearly and ensure that you don’t miss out on hearing crucial sounds. This includes someone speaking to you in a conversation or even over the phone.

If you speak to an audiologist, they will discuss with you how your hearing aids can interact and connect with the different tech devices that you likely use daily. By connecting your hearing aids to different tech devices, you can ensure that they do provide the most significant benefits possible. This includes options like mobile phones. Let’s look at how mobile phones can connect with your hearing aids.

Are mobile phones compatible with hearing aids?

Most mobile phones that you can purchase these days are compatible with hearing aids. Similarly, many hearing aids that will be suitable for your hearing loss can also connect to mobile phones. However, if you are curious about whether this feature is available, you should speak to your audiologist. They will recommend the best model of hearing aids for the specific mobile phone that you use daily.

How does this work?

Typically, hearing aids will connect to your phone through the use of Bluetooth technology. This wireless tech will ensure that the sound from your mobile phone is elevated by your hearing aids. You can get a similar impact by connecting your hearing aid to other tech devices via Bluetooth, such as your TV, MP3 player or computer. Most entertainment tech devices do include Bluetooth technology as an easy way to connect different devices together.

Why is this beneficial?

If you connect your compatible mobile phone to your hearing aids, you should find that the sound from your phone is clearer. This is great if you speak to someone on the phone, listen to music, or even watch a video. It will always provide the additional support you need to ensure that you get the best listening experience possible. This can help you avoid missing key information when someone is talking to you and guarantee that you have a great experience using your phone.

Are all mobile phones hearing aid compatible?

The FCC does require all phones sold on the market these days to be hearing aid compatible or HAC. However, they might not all connect in the same way. They may use different forms of technology instead of a Bluetooth connection. If you have an older phone, the device may provide the option of a wired connection. This is not quite as user-friendly, but it will provide many of the same benefits that you would receive with a typical wireless option.

Does this require setup?

Some hearing aids will need to be set up with your phone to provide the best benefits. However, others will connect together instantly thanks to a tech option known as “acoustic coupling.” With this option, the phone will function normally. However, the hearing aid will also pick up the sound coming from the phone.

The only slight issue with this option is that it can also pick up the background noise. So, if someone on the phone has a TV on in the background, it could also pick up this.

What should you look for when choosing a mobile phone?

If you are thinking about buying a mobile phone with your hearing aids, you should consider looking at the ‘M’ rating. This ranges from 1-4. A 4 equals the highest level of compatibility. This means that the phone will have less distracting noise and feedback levels than other market devices. Most phones have M3 ratings, so this likely is what you can expect when you purchase a phone. This will provide a high-quality experience and will be suitable for all hearing aid users, regardless of the level of hearing loss.

We hope this helps you understand that mobile phones can be compatible with hearing aids and why this is important. If you are interested in learning more about this possibility and make sure that you contact Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids on (605) 610-3466. They will be able to provide further assistance on this matter.