Many of us experience a deterioration in our hearing, but it doesn't always mean we are going deaf.

In some cases, we might have a buildup of wax in our ears, or we might struggle to hear because of an ear infection. In such cases, hearing loss is usually temporary. We might also experience temporary hearing loss after being exposed to a loud noise, or if we have inadvertently burst our eardrum. In such cases, hearing loss can be relieved by prescribed medication and treatments from an audiologist, or it might go away on its own.

However, as we age, our hearing can deteriorate. And if we have been exposed to loud noises over many years, we can also become hard of hearing. In some cases, we might even start to go deaf. Thankfully, an audiologist can help, and treatments such as hearing aids and implants can make our lives easier. Of course, the earlier we suspect we could be going deaf, the better, as we can then seek help at our earliest opportunity. 

Here are just a few of the signs that you may be experiencing hearing loss.

You have trouble following conversations

It's not uncommon for people to have difficulty following conversations, especially when voices are quiet, or when people speak over each other. But if you regularly have a hard time keeping up with what people are saying when two or more speak at the same time, then this could be a sign that you are becoming hard of hearing. 

People complain the TV is too loud

Some programs on the television can be hard to follow, especially when the dialogue is drowned out by the music. However, if you regularly struggle to hear what people are saying on your favorite TV shows, and consequently turn up the volume to hear what is being said, then you might be experiencing hearing loss. This is especially true if your family regularly complains that the TV is too loud, or if your neighbors regularly knock on your door to politely request you turn it down.

You have difficulty hearing people in noisy environments

Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean you are going deaf. Many of us struggle to hear others in places that are noisy, especially workplaces with a lot of heavy machinery or in a nightclub setting. However, many of us should still be able to hear people at busy restaurants and other crowded places, as we can often filter out the background noise to focus on what the people around us are saying. If you regularly struggle to mask out the background noise, however, then it might be time for you to book a hearing evaluation with an audiologist, as this can be indicative of hearing loss. 

You struggle to hear what people are saying on a regular basis

Some people speak quietly, so you might have to listen more carefully when in conversation with them. However, if you regularly struggle to hear what people are saying, perhaps because their words sound muffled, then it might be that your hearing needs to be checked. This is especially true if you find yourself saying the words pardon or what a lot in conversations with people who can be clearly heard by others. 

You have trouble hearing what women and children say

As we age, we can find it harder to hear sounds in high frequencies. And as women and children speak in higher pitches, we can often mishear what they are saying. However, if you regularly struggle to hear women and children, be that in conversation or when standing close to them, you might need to speak to an audiologist for a hearing test and further advice. 

You struggle to hear people on the telephone

If you can't hear what people are saying on your landline or cell phone, it might mean that you need to raise the volume control a little. However, if your volume is up the max and you still have difficulty hearing the people you are speaking to, then you should seek professional advice from an audiologist. It might simply be that you need to buy a new phone. On the other hand, it could be that your hearing is deteriorating. 

If you have spotted the signs of hearing loss in your life, don't delay in getting the help you need. At Baker Audiology & Hearing Aids, we are committed to supporting you with your hearing health. Contact us at (605) 610-3466 and book an appointment with one of our professional audiologists today.